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People travel for a lot of reasons - both for work and pleasure.

Conducting business with far-away clients, annual meetings or conferences may seem like less challenging trips than vacations to the tropics, or even road trips to familiar destinations. No matter the destination, making sure you're protected in the event of an emergency or unexpected challenge can help you enjoy your trip much more thoroughly.

There's no one better to trust with your peace of mind when travelling than Manitoba Blue Cross. The most recognized name in the province, their travel insurance packages include coverage for everything from accidents and illness, to trip and holiday cancellations. Manitoba Blue Cross insurance covers a wide range of incidents, where Manitoba Health coverage doesn't apply.

Some of the packages available from Manitoba Blue Cross through Morris insurance include:

  • Individual trip coverage
  • Annual travel health
  • Tour coverage
  • Student travel health

Morris offers Manitoba Blue Cross travel insurance coverage exclusively; to make sure you are protected wherever you want to go.

Protecting yourself with comprehensive travel insurance can go a long way to preserve your peace of mind.

Contact Morris Insurance for a quote today and enjoy your trip!