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Claims Information

For more information on what you need to do to process an insurance claim of loss (fire, theft, etc.), feel free to refer to our checklist. You can find out more by contacting us.

Individual situations may vary; this checklist is meant to serve as a general guideline.

  1. Report the incident to the applicable authorities (police, fire department).
  2. Contact Morris Insurance with all relevant details (who, what, where, when, and why) of your situation. You may also refer to the links on the right for 24-hour emergency assistance.
  3. You will be contacted by an adjuster within 24 hours of your report. The adjuster will assess your insurance claim and guide you through the claims process.
  4. Record the details of your insurance claim in a notebook, including the details of important conversations (date and time, what was discussed, what was agreed to). This will prevent confusion and help to manage your claim.
  5. Gather supporting documents from your insurance claim for the adjuster, who will use them to assess your loss and confirm the value of your lost or damaged property. It's important to keep copies of these documents for your own files.
  6. The adjuster will negotiate an offer with you; if agreed upon, they will also arrange for payment of your insurance claim or replacement of your property. This will depend on the terms of your insurance policy.